Loving God | Loving People | Serving Our Community

Motivated by the love of God, Hope Center's mission is to provide for immediate needs and transform the lives of Macomb County residents, through outstanding service, collaboration, and innovation.

WW Community Connections, Inc. (WWCC), Hope Center's parent organization, exists to connect community resources to those in need. Our purpose and desire is to address the hunger crisis and respond to the needs of the residents of Macomb County.  We are meeting this need through our no-cost, client choice food pantry. 
Our vision is to transform lives, one family at a time. Hope Center's goal is to promote the development and well-being of people in need. We accomplish this by partnering with other human service agencies to connect families with a wide range of community resources at our one-stop-shop of human services. The services provided by Hope Center focus on increasing the self-sufficiency of individuals and families. Hope Center allows all of its clients access to these services with compassion, dignity, and respect.

We Believe In . . .

His power to change people’s lives.

Caring for Others
We are supportive and compassionate of our clients and partners. 
We respect and appreciate all people. We value diversity and equality of all people.

Collaboration and Teamwork
We work together productively, as an organization and with our partners throughout the community. 
We communicate with our staff members, board members and our partners in an open and honest manner.

We are committed to people and our partnering agencies and churches. We are passionate about our work.

Doing All Things with Excellence
We are committed to represent Christ and our organization with excellence in 
programs, relationships, procedures, and our physical structure.

Providing for our Community
We are responsive to the people of our community. We are stewards of the community's resources.

Continuous Learning for Staff, Volunteers and Clients
We support and encourage both personal and professional growth and development of our clients, staff and partners.

We are honest, ethical, and transparent in all our dealings and relationships. We are credible in our work. 
We have self-respect and respect for all people.

Treating Each Other with Dignity
We treat with dignity and respect our staff, our volunteers and our clients. 
We will treat each other as we wish to be treated. We respect each person's physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Respecting Ourselves
We support a balance between work and life. We have fun.

Being Result Oriented
We are goal driven. We are purposeful in our actions. We are proactive.
    We adapt to new ways of doing our work. We are accountable for our work.